Soldier Sports was created by individuals who have been inventing, patenting, and improving sports safety products for years. We will be releasing two new game changing products each year, so keep an eye on us.

The first collection of 333 RARE BEARS is a unique, randomly generated, Soldier Sports-inspired, NFT collection derived from the tremendous sense of community existing amongst current Soldier Sports community.

The RARE BEARS will be dropping on the secure and trusted ETHEREUM Blockchain making it the perfect home for 333 RARE BEARS to come and cause mayhem in Web3 space.

Our colorful, eye-catching palette is inspired by the fun-loving style of other highly successful NFT projects. The RARE BEARS will brighten up your Ethereum NFT wallet, push philanthropic efforts, provide valuable utility created to increase over time, offer exciting opportunities, community-only events, networking, and more.

The team behind RARE BEARS is determined to help establish the legitimacy of the NFT community and create a project that drives community, collaboration, creativity, and success across the entire growing NFT space. Our first steps getting started will focus on utilizing several strategic marketing and advertising initiatives while minting 333 NFTs.

Our ultimate objective is to create a community where all members are included in the critical decision-making process, which puts us on the path to success every single day. As a community, our growth and prosperity will be determined by our loyal holders and innovative community-driven ideas and efforts!


Twitter: @SoldierBears_nft

Instagram: @rarebears_nft


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