Begin Website Development (February 1st , 2022)

Website development has already begun!!!! The website will initially operate as an aesthetic roadmap and information center. During our post-sale growth strategy, the website will be revamped to incorporate Web3 integration and e-commerce components. 

Soldier BEAR Clothing Line

A RARE BEAR Clothing line will be created after the Founder-Led

Projects Fund reaches 25 ETH in secondary sales royalty revenue. The RARE BEAR Clothing Line will consist of a variety of designs, including community art competition winners!

20% of net revenue from the RARE BEARS Clothing line will go straight into the Community Fund, which will further the development of community building projects.

Ringside Tickets to Terence Crawford Fights

Being a Rare bear holder has it’s privileges. We are working on a deal with Terence Crawford for holders to sit ringside.

Athletes and Influencer Partnerships (TBD)

This is an exciting, new, unique way that is going to make the RARE BEARS separate themselves from the pack………Rare Bears has a unique and exclusive relationship with star, professional/collegiate athletes. These athletes will not only be involved in the community and hold an NFT, but they will be actively having MEET N’ GREETs with our holders and spending 1 on 1 time with them. We had a soft launch at the Super Bowl, as Van Jefferson represented the Rare Bear NFT on his pre-game warmups. He wore the shirt, mouthpiece, and the visor that was custom made!! This is just one of many athletes in our already established community!! 

This will also include exclusive events, tickets, and merchandise that will be signed and delivered by our athletes and influencers. 

A lot more to come….

RareBear | Whitepaper v1.0.1

Whitepaper v1.0.1

333 RARE BEARS living their best lives on the Ethereum Blockchain

Twitter: @rarebears_nft

Instagram: @rarebears_nft


Join Discord:


1st Bear Step (Pre-Launch Schedule)


Establish Twitter Account (TBD)

The official Twitter account for RARE BEARS will be established as our initial community development tool.

Official Twitter: @RAREBEARS_NFT

Begin Community Building (TBD)

Official community building will begin on all social media platforms and through our current partnerships with influencers. This will allow us to cultivate a strong public facing community that prior to launch. Once we have established a foundational community around RARE BEARS, we will build and launch our second community tool, Discord.

Release Whitepaper v1.0.1

Rare Bears whitepaper will be released outlining the utility, roadmap, and overall strategy behind the Rare Bears NFT collection.

Public Discord Opens (TBD)

The public discord for the Rare Bears community will be utilized to provide an open forum for discussion, ideation, innovation, and collaboration amongst the Baby Barbarian core team, and the entire community.

Website Launch (TBD)

Soldier Sports will be launching the official minting website for the community. 


2nd Bear Step (Minting Schedule & Pricing)

Regular sale will begin early May 2022.

RARE BEARS VIP Sale will take place prior to presale and regular sale. Make sure to follow @RAREBEARS_NFT to stay up to date on all of our VIP and presale minting activities!

RARE BEARS will implement a TRADITIONAL FLOOR PRICE strategy, in order to provide the most value to our earliest community members.

VIP Sale (#0001 – #0099) MAY 1ST 2022

RARE BEARS #0001 – #0099…………………………………………………. (x) ETH ($750) 

Early Drop (#0100 – #0333) MAY 3RD 2022

RARE BEARS #0100 – #0333…………………………………..……………….(x) ETH ($1000)

Full Collection Drop (#0334 – #7777) AUGUST 3rd 2022

RARE BEARS #0334 – #7777…………………………..………………..……(x) ETH ($2000)

3rd Bear Step (Milestones, Giveaways, Donations)

As Rare Bears, we strive on giving back to the community! One of many reasons we decided to launch this collection on Ethereum Blockchain is the CHARITABLE AND ENVIROMENTAL benefits it has compared to other digital networks.

We will be extremely involved regarding donations. We will be implementing a voting strategy for our community. Based on the “upvotes’ by the community, this will determine where we will be donating every month. 

For Example: The community has voted that the first month’s donation should be geared towards Cancer Research. We will then make the donation to the institution that the community votes on. We will have a live feed of the process, whether hat be in person or online, to make the donation. 


500 Rare Bears Sold

  • Giveaway: $1000 (to 2 Holder Wallets)
  • Milestone Donation:  $1000 donation to Charity

1000 Rare Bears Sold

  • Giveaway: $2500 (to 5 Holder Wallets)
  • Milestone Donation: $10,000 donation to Charity

2500 Rare Bears Sold

  • Giveaway: $5000 (to 5 Holder Wallets)
  • Milestone Donation: $15,000 donation to charity

5000 Rare Bears Sold

  • Giveaway: $7500 (to 5 Holder Wallets)
  • Milestone Donation: $20,000 donation to Charity

7777 Rare Bears Sold

  • Giveaway: $10,000 (to 5 Holder Wallets)
  • Milestone Donation: $20,000 donation to Charity

*Make sure to follow along on our Twitter, Discord, and website for giveaway winner information and donation impact reporting!

4th Baby Step Post-Sale Growth Strategy, Utilities)

Once all 7777 RARE BEARS have found their homes, the fun has just begun! We are determined to create long term value and a strong community for all holders. We will allocate secondary sales royalties back to the community in a number of ways.

Secondary Sales Royalty Allocation

Community Fund: 25%

Charitable Fund: 10%

Founder-Led Projects Fund: 25%

RARE BEARS Community Fund

The RARE BEARS Community Fund will receive 25% of all secondary sales royalty net revenue. This will be an ongoing fund that will be controlled exclusively by the community, with its use being determined democratically by all members of the Baby Barbarians community.

Some examples of potential community fund uses:

  • Giveaways
  • Competitions
  • New Marketing Campaigns
  • Floor Sweeps
  • Member Only Events

Ideas will be proposed in the RARE BEARS discord throughout the month, and then voted upon on the final day of each month, with a decision being made on the first of the next month.

Charitable Fund Donations

As RARE BEARS, we are dedicated to our ongoing commitment to continuously keeping charitable donations at our forefront of our community. We aim to ensure that our members are part of a community where they are heard and welcome any proposition for donation to a philanthropic cause or fund, then hold a democratic voting process for our Charitable Fund donations.

On the final day of each month, voting will take place as to which organization that month’s Charitable Fund will be donated to. These organizations will be vetted through Charity Navigator to ensure legitimacy, effectiveness, and transparency.

Founder-Led Projects Fund

Founder-led projects will be announced to the community on a rolling basis and will be specifically ideated and managed by the core team. However, community members who are interested in becoming a part of these projects are strongly encouraged to reach out to the core team!

5th Bear Step (Rare Bear DAO Formation)

Our core team is committed to building the most creative and innovative community of ETHEREUM NFT investors and truly establishing RARE BEARS as the leading ETHEREUM NFT project for sales, secondary sales, community development, member value, and utility, global environmental impact, and so much more!

The final step in the official RARE BEAR roadmap is the formation of the RARE BEAR DAO, which will help to operate the long-term processes of the collection and dictate the most impactful and beneficial path for all members!

While this is the last step in our initial roadmap, this is just the beginning of the lasting value that the RARE BEAR community intends to build!

Please feel free to connect with our core team via Twitter DM (@rarebears_nft if you have any questions!

As soon as our Discord is live, you will also be encouraged to reach out personally to our founding team via Discord DM with any questions or ideas that you may have!

Once you are a part of the RARE BEARS family, you will be one of 7777 individuals who are exploring the exciting new horizons of ETHEREUM, NFTs, METAVERSE< and Web3; utilizing community and collaboration to drive value for all involve

We only hope that after reading this, you are as incredibly excited as we are, for all the fun ahead!!


Rams Van Jefferson x Soldier Sports x Rare Bear NFTCollection x NFT x Super Bowl What is that Teddy Bear on the Rams star WR’s Mouth Piece that he’s wearing during the Super Bowl? on his Pregame Visor??

Again during his entire pregame routine?!? NFT’s are taking over the World by STORM!! Now the Super Bowl!? You’ve heard of the CryptoPunks… Bored Ape Yacht Club…Now, Van Jefferson is part of the next HUGE NFT COLLECTION.

The Roadmap and Utility behind the RARE BEAR NFT will be something on a whole new level that has never been seen before in the WEB3 and NFT space, especially tailored to sports fans and players across the world!!

Van Jefferson has officially teamed up with Soldier Sports to launch and exclusive RARE BEAR NFT COLLECTION. The RARE BEAR collection started as Premium Apparel Collection which falls under the Soldier Sports Brand which is an ELITE – CLEAN – TOUGH – AMERICAN BADASS Brand that makes trendy apparel and sports products.

Soldier Sports is a pro-military brand who gives a portion of every sale of every product to the Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW). Soldier makes most of its products in America and more specifically in Omaha, NE. On the Visor that Van Jefferson will be wearing pregame, it will display 2 unique, meaningful images.

One image being the Rare Bear Logo and the other an image of Van giving his Dad, Shawn Jefferson, a game ball after an incredible Monday Night Football Performance. His father, Shawn, is the Wide Receivers Coach for the Arizona Cardinals and has been an incredible influence on guiding Van to be the man is today!