Rams Van Jefferson x Soldier Sports x Rare Bear NFTCollection x NFT x Super Bowl What is that Teddy Bear on the Rams star WR’s Mouth Piece that he’s wearing during the Super Bowl? on his Pregame Visor??

Again during his entire pregame routine?!? NFT’s are taking over the World by STORM!! Now the Super Bowl!? You’ve heard of the CryptoPunks… Bored Ape Yacht Club…Now, Van Jefferson is part of the next HUGE NFT COLLECTION.

The Roadmap and Utility behind the RARE BEAR NFT will be something on a whole new level that has never been seen before in the WEB3 and NFT space, especially tailored to sports fans and players across the world!!

Van Jefferson has officially teamed up with Soldier Sports to launch and exclusive RARE BEAR NFT COLLECTION. The RARE BEAR collection started as Premium Apparel Collection which falls under the Soldier Sports Brand which is an ELITE – CLEAN – TOUGH – AMERICAN BADASS Brand that makes trendy apparel and sports products.

Soldier Sports is a pro-military brand who gives a portion of every sale of every product to the Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW). Soldier makes most of its products in America and more specifically in Omaha, NE. On the Visor that Van Jefferson will be wearing pregame, it will display 2 unique, meaningful images.

One image being the Rare Bear Logo and the other an image of Van giving his Dad, Shawn Jefferson, a game ball after an incredible Monday Night Football Performance. His father, Shawn, is the Wide Receivers Coach for the Arizona Cardinals and has been an incredible influence on guiding Van to be the man is today!

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